> Cruise 2008

Pool area
Atrium of the Inspiration
Smoke stack on the Inspiration
On deck
Wendy on her 40th birthday!
Mike and Fran on formal night
Inspiration in Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman
Brave Fran holding the dangerous turtle
Turtles everywhere
Touch the turtle Fran, dare you
Leaving ship in Cozumel
Mike in Tulum
Tulum in the background
By the sea with Fran and Mike
Tulum Ruins
Inspiration at night in Cozumel
Donna, Deb, Barb and Pam in class
Ellen, Patti, Julie and Shirley
Brad, Julie, Fran and Mike
Pam, Patti and Ellen in class
Shirley, Ruan and Karen in class
Fran and Mike at dinner
Barb and Deb at dinner
Mary Lou and Andy at dinner
Pam and Tom at dinner
Pat and Donna at dinner
Fun at dinner, Mary Teri Lynn and Lynn
Karen and Nelda at dinner
Paula and Mike at dinner
Kezia and Sue at dinner
Don, Ellen and Shirley at dinner
Cruise 08- Sue doing amke and takes
Cruise 08- Grand Cayman
Cruise 08- Pat
Cruise 08- Inspiration in Cozumel
Cruise 08- Kezia, Pat and Sue
Cruise 08- Margaritaville GC
Cruise 08- Tom and Pam in Cozumel
Cruise 08- in the classroom
Cruise 08- teaching Kezia the electric slide