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June 08, 2010



I'm so happy to hear you'll be working at the Doodle. Next time I'm in town I will have to drop in. And if you are ever in Texas for a MLB game let me know.

-Heather :)


I miss the store and you and Lexi. Although I didn't get there as often as I liked, I knew it was a welcoming refuge when I needed a hug at lunchtime. I'll make sure to come by and see you at the Doodle.

Karen Rodgers

What a wonderful combination...Julie and WSD! I always knew something was missing and it wasn't "more cowbell" :)


It's ALWAYS more cowbell Karen. Go Rays!


Happy to hear the WSD news. Lyndal and I are already talking about the Debby Schuh class. Will do my best to leave the WC and get to St. Pete. to say hello.

Kelly English

I saw this news on their blog yesterday! I am so happy that I will be able to go there and have someone who actually knows and remembers me!! It still won't be the same as the Shoppe, but it will definitely encourage me to get over there more!


Big thank you to Anna O for giving me a dishwasher! Thanks, it's hooked up and ready to go (I think), not my department. You rock!

Pond Pumps

I'm a little shaky trying to fill my days. I'm not too hard, but I always think I should be working Shoppe. hard habit to break after so many years. However, I was filling my time with fun activities!

Pond Liners

I will be served in the afternoon of Monday,Your Photos branch in July. If you can not believe I have my sample class kits almost done. I told them not used to but they seem to think I am organised and not a procrastinator.

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