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July 18, 2007


kristy boyd

Awesome. I can't wait to see, use and buy all the new stuff!!!

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt (Memory Makers Master 2007)

can you say
keep your eye on the swinging ghost clock.... you are getting sleepy...very sleepy... at the sound of "3" you will be hearing ONLY my voice...1 2 3!
go to the hambly booth... spend lots of money. and go to the heidi swapp booth... spend lots of money....you will ignore LEXI and her budget...

Anna Molina-Wilkinson

I am so going to be in the POORHOUSE! :)

I'm with Catherine! Order all the Hambly you can! PUH-LEEZE?

Denise Morris

You missing dinner to keep us updated is one of the soooo many reasons we love you!

Buy Buy Buy - Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

I'm with Anna - I'll be in the poorhouse when you get this all in. But I'll be a very happy poor person!


I saw the preview for Cosmo Cricket and loved it, so I'm glad you bought it--poor or not.


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